Encapsulation of vulnerable biological agents


Nanoparticles are made with extremely tiny materials (1-100nm) that possess unique physical and chemical properties, offering greater functionality. At the University of Sheffield, our expertise lies in the synthesis and scalability of nanoparticle platform technologies specifically for the encapsulation of vulnerable biological agents.
By virtue of being a platform we can tailor our tech for a number of industry sectors including agritech, food, cosmeceuticals and pharmaceuticals. We are using cancer as our most advanced programme of research to demonstrate how it works.

The Technology


Non-surgical drug delivery but with a targeted approach are top priorities to ensure their clinical use for all cancers. Our team is harnessing nano power to encapsulate viruses within bubble-like nanoparticles that allow their simple injection into the bloodstream. Accessibility to new treatments has never been more critical; we bring customised, reliable and high-quality nanoencapsulated viruses for customers globally for research and/or R&D purposes.

We shield viruses in the bloodstream using nanoparticles. This allows for non-surgical delivery as a safer, more cost-effective solution towards virotherapy for ALL cancers where other treatment options have been exhausted. Our nanoparticle platforms:

  • Use clinical grade materials that maintain virus viability.
  • Provide bespoke target recognition or controlled release.
  • Can combine viruses with other drug actives for simple co-administration.
  • Are rapidly and reproducibly manufactured using proprietary swirl-mixer technology.

Reduces virus dose


Survival advantage


Increase in targeted drug delivery

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The Opportunity

How can we reduce the need for direct injections into tumours?

Oncolytic viruses not only directly kill cancer cells but in doing so, stimulate the body’s immune system to mount a specific anti-tumour immune response that leaves healthy cells unharmed. However, they are currently only effective when directly injected into tumours, limiting their use to accessible tumours such as skin cancer.

Ideally, cancer killing viruses would be given via the bloodstream. Unfortunately our bodies readily recognise these as foreign and rapidly remove them from our blood before reaching the cancer. By delivering viruses in nanoparticle bubbles we shield them from detection by the body and can guide them within the bloodstream to the target tumour. This not only reduces side effects but means we can treat even the most difficult to reach tumours non-surgically.

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We are a highly multi-disciplinary, blue sky thinking team, with a drive to realise the potential of viruses as a treatment for all cancers! We have over 40 years of combined experience in the development of nanoparticle solutions for targeted oncolytic virus delivery and pre-clinical modelling. The team is strengthened by in-house expertise in biomanufacturing and bioengineering.

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